Jerry Deckelbaum

-   Jungian analyst and counselor in Portland, Oregon
-   Licensed Clinical Social Worker
-   Member of Pacific Northwest Society of Jungian Analysts
-   Mental health therapy for anxiety, depression, compulsions, trauma/PTSD
-   Counseling for work and relationship challenges
-   Therapy for mid-life passages and life transitions
-   Jungian dream work, creative and spiritual exploration
-   GLBTQ:  Experience with gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer clients

My office is located in the Belmont/Hawthorne neighborhood of Southeast Portland. Free parking is provided.


Welcome to my website. I hope you will get a felt sense of who I am and of my work as a Jungian analyst and therapist by reading further.

I value genuine collaboration with clients, and have been described as present, interactive and compassionate, with a dark and playful sense of humor. I don’t retreat behind a note pad, or shy away from sharing my feelings, when helpful. I am empathic, practical and direct. While in session, I sometimes think out loud and encourage clients to do the same. In my view, therapy should provide a safe, confidential, and supportive environment, so there is no thought, feeling, or imagining that cannot be shared. My task as therapist is to accompany you on a unique and collaborative journey to your most authentic self.

“It is the privilege of a lifetime to become who you truly are.”
-C.G. Jung

Some clients are drawn to my practice because of their interest in Jungian theory, Jungian analysis, or an affinity for the man himself: C.G. Jung. None of this is a prerequisite. My therapy with clients involves a blend of approaches, and does not adhere to a particular method or technique. I try to do what will help you the most, making use of my years of training and experience. My eclectic background, as well my training as a musician, have enriched my capacity to engage creatively with client issues, imagination, and dreams.